To survive, your career must become fearless, not current.

We deliver 21st century critical virtual workplace skill sets!

Remembering Brian


Father, Husband, Brother, Friend to many, and for us, the Cowichan WorkBC General Manager.


We help you build your career in the digital economy by matching you with high-demand skills training and work experience.

Digital Learning Programs

We build great e-learning programs. For projects in the Western provinces and beyond, our experts can help for a few days or lead complex, multi-month projects. We create engaging programs that are fun and effective.

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Employment Programs

Out of work and need a hand getting back into the job market? We offer a number of employment and skills training programs that can help jump start your job search and lead you to a satisfying career.

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Blended Learning

We help businesses combine online and offline training to improve learning outcomes and reduce costs. Synchronous or asynchronous, web or classroom, we’ll help you identify the right solution and build a great program.

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Online training hosted through the RebelLMS reduces your upfront costs, speeds up project delivery and provides all necessary hardware, software, and Internet bandwidth necessary to get your eLearning project off the ground.

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Looking for Employment? We can help!

All of our programs and services, including the Cowichan WorkBC Centres, are available online during COVID-19

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TechWORKS, QmunityWorks, Island Ops, and WorkSafeBC are fully online!

Looking for WorkBC?

WorkBC Cowichan is now Online!

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We teach people how to become self-directed learners with the digital skills and entrepreneurial mindset to develop their creative talents into purpose-driven careers.

We have over


expert consultants.



clients served.

Helping launch over


businesses, creating jobs in BC.

With over


clients finding employment.

Deliver better programs. To more people. With less work.

We create custom learning programs and WordPress learning platforms for small and mid-sized businesses. Let’s work together on your next e-learning project!

Deliver an exceptional, results-driven experiences.

Give your clients so much more than insight and expertise.

Follow-through transforms great training into real results. Our continuous learning platform structures and supports your training programs to cause just that.

  • Tools to track progress and manage coaching plans
  • Timely reminders to maintain momentum
  • A running record of results, materials & insights
  • A mobile app for keeping up on the go

Deliver interactive coaching and mentoring programs that scale.

We create flexible, adaptable group coaching programs. Our programs are based on over 100 years of combined experience and use proven methodology to provide students with a structured approach to learning.

With the ETHOS Team Edition of our LMS Software, enjoy:

  • Administrative oversight with clear accountability
  • Hyper-efficient coordinated team coaching
  • Transparent records of coaching effectiveness
  • Shared resources for consistent program quality


People want experiences.

The world doesn’t want more information. The world wants facilitators that engage and inspire them to move forwards. ETHOS facilitators understand the deeper levels of the psychology of belief, and we use this to help our clients gain an unstoppable momentum. Eight of the ten core principles in our programs don’t rely on technology at all. They are principles of engagement and the science of how humans achieve their best work, become successful, and change their lives.

Program Design + Consulting

Trial & error is literally the most expensive mistake you can make.

Frustrated that you don’t get the results from your programs? We can show you a simpler way that gets exponentially better results. Most online programs and courses are based on sharing information rather than creating experiences. For our entire ETHOS team, everything starts with experience.