Vocational Rehabilitation Services

No matter what barriers to employment one might be facing, ETHOS believe everyone is capable of pursuing their dreams.

ETHOS has been providing vocational rehabilitation services since 2006.

ETHOS provides vocational rehabilitation services in the following locations in BC: Nanaimo, Duncan, Victoria, Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Kelowna and Penticton, as well as any location in BC where a referral has been received from Alberta WCB. With over 100 years of collective experience in the industry, we lead an already strong and experienced team of Specialists.

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Job Coaches are individuals who specialize in assisting individuals with barriers/disabilities to learn and accurately carry out job duties, and/or manage anxiety or mental health issues. Job Coaches provide one-on-one training tailored to the needs of the employee.

The ETHOS Approach

We break down our Vocational Rehabilitation Services into five key components:

  • Psycho-Vocational Assessment
  • Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Transferable Skills Analysis and Career Transition
  • Referrals to Other Specialized Assessments and Services


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Psycho-Vocational Assessment
A Psycho-Vocational Assessment focuses on identifying suitable occupational options by taking into account the client’s aptitudes, achievements, vocational interests, personality characteristics, general psychological functioning, transferable skills and labour market information.

This type of assessment can be used to gather evidence regarding a client’s psychological capacity/functioning and to identify any limitations/concerns impacting the readiness to engage in the return-to-work process, particularly when there is minimal information regarding suitable occupational options or when retraining is considered and there is a question about whether the client possesses the intellectual potential to succeed in an academic upgrading or training program.

This assessment can also comment on the client’s general psychological functioning in terms of their ability to function in the workplace, and also looks at self-perception of pain (if applicable) and its effect on the client’s daily life. The assessment is completed by a qualified Psychologist and may include the administration of a battery of specialized tests. Learning disability testing may also be included, if required.

Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing
Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing refers to the administration of generalized aptitude, interest and achievement tests by a qualified Professional to facilitate counselling and vocational planning, or to assess the appropriateness of a specific vocational or academic program(s). Validated and published test protocols are adhered to for each test and/or inventory administered.
Labour Market Analysis
Labour Market Information (LMI) is the body of knowledge that contains information on the number of people employed or unemployed, unemployment rates, average wages, population, income, occupational projections, and other economic variables. Typically ETHOS will provide labour market research as a component of a vocational assessment; however this research can be requested and provided on its own.

A labour market analysis provides specific information regarding job availability and labour market trends, such as information on earnings potential, current job requirements, training required, nature of work (part-/full-time), and remuneration for jobs in particular geographical areas. Data is obtained from various sources, including Internet research and telephone interviews with local employers. Employers may be queried regarding current job opportunities within their company, wage ranges, job descriptions, future labour market trends and specific job skills/education/training requirements. This information may augment a vocational assessment report. By gathering extensive labour market research on a desired employment position, we can ensure that all the hard work of career transition and redeployment succeeds in obtaining employment for the client.

Transferable Skills Analysis and Career Transition
A Transferable Skills Analysis is an assessment of a client’s skills, experience, knowledge, and interests that they have acquired through work and life experiences. A transferable skills analysis will summarize this information, with a view to providing recommendations for employment and job opportunities that would be appropriate, given the client’s accumulated transferable skills and experiences.

A transferable skills assessment is particularly useful when extensive retraining is not required to enter the open labour market. Our transferable skills analysis not only considers a diverse range of transferable skills, but also gives consideration to physical and functional abilities. By considering both elements, we are able to assist injured workers to identify careers that are enjoyable and sustainable when career transition is required.

Referrals to Other Specialized Assessments and Services
As part of the vocational rehabilitation process, we can provide referrals for specialized services, including: Neuropsych, Intelligence, Achievement, Speech and Language, Assistive Technology, Job Demand Analysis, Functional Capacity, Ergonomics, Job Modifications, and Work Samples.

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