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Statement of Qualifications & Job Description
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  • Post-Secondary Degree in a related discipline and a minimum of two years direct related experience in the specific Service types the Personnel will be delivering; Resume and Cover Letter preparation, Job Search Skills, Individualized Job Placement


  • An equivalent combination of education and experience; plus, one of the following designations: Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) or Registered Vocational Professional (RVP); Certified Vocational Professional (CVP) or; Master’s Certificate: Vocational Professional (MCVP) through the College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP); Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC/CCRC)


Working with the ETHOS WorkSafeBC program Manager and as a member of the WSBC Provider Network, the ETHOS Job Search Support Services Provider delivers employment counselling, job coaching, job placement and direct assistance to clients (workers), at a level dependent upon the referral services requested by WorkSafeBC (i.e., resume/cover letter, job search skills, individualized job placements).


Counselling (Job Search/Placement Service only)

  • Support workers regarding accessing hidden job market, networking, interviewing, references, job search (all media types including online), responding to job postings, and time management strategies


  • Support workers to overcome identified barriers to employment and in making progress towards realistic and meaningful career/employment objectives identified on referral by WSBC Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor (VRC)


  • Assist worker to identify transferrable skills and position/s worker is interested in when career/employment objective is not identified (early intervention)


  • Provide supportive counselling to develop positive plans of action for obtaining and maintaining employment


  • Assist workers to locate appropriate community resources, job search material, print resources and/or internet applications


Connect Workers with Employment (Placement Services only)

  • Assist workers to apply to job postings; in-person, online, and/or via email as required (depending upon worker computer literacy/language barriers, provider may be required to apply on worker’s behalf)

  • Facilitate interviews and meetings between workers and potential employers


  • Arrange work placements; provide follow-up job coaching, as required


  • Monitor placements to ensure that both worker and employer needs are being met


  • Conduct three-month follow-up on all employed workers for durable placement eligibility


Build Relationship with Employers (Placement Services only)

  • Connect with businesses and employer workplaces to identify sources, prospects and job leads


  • Conduct research to obtain valuable information on how local employers hire


  • Create opportunities for employment, including part-time and full-time paid employment placements and informational interviews


Administration (All Services)

  • Report referral acceptance within 24 hours of receipt, intake appointment booking within 48 hours of receipt of referral, attendance within 24 hours and advisement of completion of reports and documents within the timeframes as per reference sheets


  • Obtain worker consent(s) during first meeting; maintain records and complete required reporting adhering to all timelines, per the ETHOS Intranet – WorkSafeBC Service Provider page resources and materials; upload completed reports and supporting documents to Worker file on Intranet; notify ETHOS when uploads are ready to send to WSBC


  • Create professional résumé, cover letter, and reference list and provide to worker (both electronic and hard copies); where applicable, submit copies with the intake report within 5 business days of intake appointment


  • Ensure monthly reports (if required) are submitted within 5 business days from the end of the month


  • Ensure final reports are submitted within 5 business days of completion of services; where applicable, a copy of the resume, cover letter and reference sheet to be submitted with the final report


  • Complete mutually agreed upon SMART action plans throughout service period to support worker to employment


  • Ensure strict adherence to worker privacy, confidentiality and all other professional codes of conduct (refer to WSBC FIPPA Fact Sheet on Intranet in Resources tab)


  • Ensure job targets and occupational goal are met as shown on WSBC referral form. Occupational goal cannot be changed. If the worker requests a change of their occupational goal, it cannot be changed without written approval from VRC


Build Positive and Professional Relationships with WSBC Staff

  • Connect with Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (VRC) in a timely manner if requested on referral form, or anytime additional information is requested


  • Adhere to and respect decisions and instructions provided by VRC in-person or on referral documentation

    Provide additional updates (as required) for job placement, work assessment approval, workplace accommodation requirements and other Hire-A-Worker initiatives as approved by VRC

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