Gray Skills was an older worker program that enhanced the employability and long-term employment of non EI eligible mature workers, over 54 years of age, and filled employment gaps that existed in various employment sectors on Vancouver Island. The project was piloted in the Greater Victoria Region and introduced employers to the benefits of employing mature workers, to enable more collaboration between government, business and employment agencies to address employee skill shortages and retention issues.


Activities included:

  • RTWAP developed with Job Coach and MBTI assessment completed
  • Personality Dimensions assessment completed
  • Resume and cover letter drafted
  • Skills training discussion and finalize resume
  • Job matches with small businesses
  • Meetings with Business Liaison and Mentor for job placement (skills training available if job required)
  • Bi-weekly Workshop attendance
  • Weekly Networking Sessions attendance
  • Online Job Search Workshops completed (at home or onsite)



Onsite and online workshops included:

  • Networking
  • Age Advantage/Life Balance
  • LMI
  • Motivation/Stress
  • Retirement Futures
  • Right Attitude
  • Workplace Communication
  • Compelling Cover Letters (online)
  • Remarkable Resumés (online)
  • Surefire Job Search (online)
  • Target Your Market (online)
  • Web-Based Work Search (online)