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Today’s workplace presents opportunity and challenge in equal measure. New knowledge, skills and learning delivery methods required for today’s borderless workplace serve as a catalyst for a more innovative society.

Increasingly, we have been asked to share our specific experiences around employer engagement, program development and administration, integrated online services, capacity building, governance and the other key factors that have contributed to our success as an organization. Finding our voice in a climate of continuous change has not been easy. Yet, what we realize is that ETHOS has knowledge and experience that can add value to the employment sector, help to guide future trends and approaches, and help to strengthen our case for support in the future.


Across all of the services and programs that we offer, there is one consistent objective: employment. This past year, 86 per cent of our clients found employment or achieved their training objectives. With this end goal in mind, ETHOS has built a model of integration that optimizes services for our clients, while maximizing the various resources and expertise available across various programs. The foundation for the delivery of our core services includes employment preparation, job search, referral and resource services, job search workshops, employment counselling, informational and resource support, and perhaps most significant, employer engagement.

Return-to-Work Services

The world is changing more quickly than ever, and with it comes many unique challenges that must be faced by individuals reentering the workforce. ETHOS has run multiple programs focused on this area of employment training, including the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, Grey Skills, and the Urban Older Works Program.

Management Training

There’s more to being a manager than supervising staff. Management plays a vital role in a businesses success, staff productivity, workplace moral. Let ETHOS help you develop your management skills and help elevate your business above the competition. Our experience includes Business Works Self Employment Program, Youth Mean Business, and Business Works for Youth.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

No matter what barriers to employment one might be facing, ETHOS believe everyone is capable of pursuing their dreams. ETHOS-run programs & services like CARE and Career and Employment Workshop Delivery have helped many achieve employment. ETHOS is also partnered with Worksafe BC to help support employment services in all communities.

Cultural Intelligence – Indigenous Perspectives

The aboriginal community faces many unique challenges in the area of employment. ETHOS programs like the ongoing Aboriginal Work Connections focus on breaking down the barriers to employment often experienced in these communities, while other programs, such as Experience Works and Job Options offer solutions to the challenges facing all unemployed and underemployed individuals.

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