We’ve offered and promoted eLearning in the employment industry since 2004. As a division of ETHOS Career Management Ltd., we share the same dedication to growth and success. We foster collaboration, innovation and exploration within our team and share our passion for learning with others.

Get to Know Us

As a team, we have many years of experience in virtual services, project management, and content development. We foster collaboration, innovation and exploration within our team and share our passion for learning with others. Our Instructional Designers, Designers, Developers, and Administrators are here to support you! 

Martin Beach

Chief Operating Officer

Martin, BA, MBA, MScIB, PMP, is the Chief Operating Officer for ETHOS. He has a background in accounting, project management, and contract negotiations. Martin oversees the Finance Department, Business Development Department, and the E-R&D side of the organization. [email protected]

Chris Oaten

Director of Research and Development

Chris, Diploma in Information Technology and Applied Systems, and post-graduate certificate in Instructional Design, manages the E-R&D team, projects, and technology needs for ETHOS. He works in collaboration with Martin in project planning and assists the team with project execution. He is also the mastermind behind RebelLMS and provides technical development support for the platform. [email protected]

Giselle Shangi-Ellis

Manager of Learning Information and Technology

Giselle has a wide variety of instructional experience with adults and children. She is committed to designing clear, purposeful and engaging content for clients. Giselle holds a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology, a B.Ed in Mathematics, an M.A. in Learning Design & Technology as well as a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL). [email protected]

Sherri Hayter

Lead UI/UX Designer

Sherri has been working in the eLearning industry since 1998 and brings her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and post-graduate diploma in Interactive Multimedia to the team. Her role includes UX design, graphics, interactive media and online marketing. [email protected]

Molly Greenway

Content Developer

With a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Modern Languages (French), Molly researches, writes, and edits the material for ETHOS’ programs and LMS courses. She also supports the Web Development team to implement design elements on our websites. [email protected]

Spencer Sterritt

Content Developer

Spencer has a Humanities BA and Journalism Diploma, which are put to use researching and writing for the many important projects handled by the E-R&D team. Always focused on the big picture, Spencer is always ready to learn more about any subject and put that learning into practice. [email protected]

Sara Collins

Business Development & Training Specialist

Sara has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Vancouver Island University. She coordinates Career Supports with Royal Roads University and works in Business Development. Sara has extensive experience connecting job seekers to employment and is passionate about supporting people in reaching their goals. [email protected]

Sierra Marini

LMS Trainer

As a part of the Inclusive Employers Hiring HUB team, Sierra connects with employers about the values of having a diverse and inclusive workplace, with a focus on employing persons with disabilities. Sierra facilitates training classes to ensure employers feel confident and supported in creating inclusive workplaces. [email protected]

Margot Fedoruk

Content Writer

Margot enjoys her role as a Content Writer for Skills Quest for Success. She has been a small business owner for many years and brings her entrepreneurial spirit to the workplace every day. Margot considers herself a lifelong learner and enjoys researching local job market trends. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies, a BA in Creative Writing and she is currently in the Master’s of Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta. [email protected]

Rasika Wadibhasme

Web Developer

Rasika has been a part of the Learning Innovation and Technology team for many exceptional projects. She has a Masters Degree in Computer Applications and specializes in standard-based HTML, CSS and web development technologies. Each site she develops is built using the latest development principles and techniques, striving for structure, order and quality. [email protected]

Tyler Wiersma

Systems Administrator and Web Developer

Tyler has his Diploma in Information Technology & Applied Systems from Vancouver Island University. He brings a strong understanding of our various LMS websites and provides hands-on technical support to our E-R&D staff. [email protected]

Brandon Gunderson

Junior Systems Administrator

Brandon has his Diploma in Information Technologies and Applied Systems from Vancouver Island University. As a member of the IT support team, he uses his skills and knowledge of both internal systems and software to support all staff members at ETHOS. [email protected]

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