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There's more to being a manager than supervising staff. Let ETHOS help you develop your management skills and help elevate your business above the competition.

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This workshop will introduce you to the concepts and processes associated with maintaining accurate accounting records. Whether you do your own books or hire a professional, it is paramount you understand what the numbers mean and how to implement systems to keep track of your finances.

In this three hour, interactive workshop you will learn about:

  • debits and credits
  • general accounts
  • posting to ledgers
  • creating fi nancial statements
  • year-end adjustments
  • closing books at year end
  • trial balances

Branding Your Business

Are you memorable to your buyers? Do you stand out from the competition? Creating a recognizable brand is crucial for your business success. In this three hour, interactive workshop, you will receive critique on your existing branding tools, and focus on the preparation/revision of fundamental marketing tools that will help you attract, retain and grow your customer base. A list of seven critical items for success will be yours to complete, including the following:

  • a positioning statement
  • a tagline
  • your corporate logo
  • business cards
  • voice mail message
  • email signature

Building a Better Website

In today’s world, reaching potential customers via the internet is crucial to your business success. This three hour workshop teaches you the basics of creating an effective and engaging website that attracts clients (and Google!). Through critiquing of websites, you will learn how to prepare effective content and how to optimize search engines. You will create a storyboard for your own website, as well as learn search engine optimization techniques to use immediately. You will also learn how to cut your web design fees by as much as one-half.

Marketing 101 – “How to Make the Cash Register Ring”

Are you frustrated by the lack of response to your current marketing activities, or simply don’t even know what to try? This three hour workshop will teach you how to prepare and execute effective marketing strategies. You will prepare a three month marketing plan for your business, and create the framework for your ongoing marketing activities.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • which marketing strategies to use
  • when to use them
  • what exactly to communicate
  • how to track results

Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI) and Enriching Emotional Intelligence

Understanding different types of personalities is the key to creating successful relationships. In this three hour workshop, you will participate in the MBTI® psychometric assessment and have your results interpreted by a qualifi ed professional. Discussion surrounding the assessments, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management including managing confl ict will be the focus.

Making the Most of Networking

Networking events are a great opportunity to grow your business, but if the thought of entering a room where you do not know anyone starts the butterflies churning in your stomach, then this workshop is for you. You will learn practical techniques that can be implemented immediately to make your networking events more productive and enjoyable.

In this three hour interactive workshop you will learn:

  • how to prepare for a networking event
  • what to do at the event
  • what to do after the event
  • ideas for the best networking venues for your business
  • how to build a 30-second introduction
  • the structure of good speech

Privacy Training

Finding the right balance between “too little” and “too much” when dealing with privacy can be a challenge. Creating an armed fortress around your facilities may deal decisively with privacy and security; however, you would not have a functional or pleasant work environment. Ask yourself: “Have we taken reasonable steps to protect the personal information of our clients?” “What would happen if X was lost/missing/stolen?”

In this three hour, interactive workshop you will learn:

  • the definition of personal information, as it relates to privacy
  • the significance of obtaining client consent
  • the roles and responsibilities of a “Privacy Officer”
  • issues surrounding safeguarding information
  • how to maintain privacy when working with computers and related technology

Putting it on Paper – “Successful Print Advertising”

This three hour workshop covers the basics of effective print advertising, including web copy, brochures, rack cards, YellowPagesTM, and newspaper and magazine advertisements. You will receive a critique on your existing advertisements, and create your next print ad.

In addition, you will learn:

  • how to write effective headlines
  • how to write copy that gets responses
  • how to negotiate better rates for your ads

Researching Your Market

If you want to thrive, and not just survive, you need to understand your market and serve it better than your competition. The key is market research. In this three hour workshop, you will learn the critical tools of market research for the small business owner. Through examples and samples, you will create your own research questionnaire that will include a customized list of relevant industry interview questions, and you will learn a simple system for conducting interviews that get you honest and
useful information.

Spreading the News – “Getting your business noticed for free!”

With marketing budgets already stretched thin, you need some nocost tactics that will generate results. Welcome to the world of Public Relations: specifically, media coverage. This three hour workshop shows you how to get your business into the media and social media, with minimal resources.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • how to create a news release
  • how to plan content for e-newsletters
  • how to repurpose your content for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs)

The Art of Successful Business Communications

Your first communication with a potential customer is often in written format. Learning effective business communication skills will provide clarity to your correspondence. Clear communication will save you time and money, help you avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes, and ensure you are presenting yourself in a professional manner.

In this three hour, interactive workshop you will learn:

  • the art of writing effective emails
  • how to market yourself through press releases
  • the techniques of writing a “bad news” letter
  • the pitfalls of poor grammar
  • the structure of formal business letters

Writing a Successful Business Plan

  • Are you applying for financing for your business?
  • Do you need a formal business plan?

Let us help you write a winning plan that will help formalize what you do. Our six hour workshop will show you how to create a business plan for success.

Content covers:

  • Marketing
  • Financinal forecasting
  • Operations
  • Production

You will work on your own business plan with the help of an experienced business coach. Unlike online business planb offerings, this workshop will be tailored to your specific business.

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