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Here there be monsters.

Since 2000, ETHOS Career Management Group has served BC and Alberta’s workforce with programs and services that support its growth and success.

ETHOS is a leader and innovator in the Employment Training industry in the areas of program development, management and delivery. Since 2000, we have developed and delivered nearly 13,000 highly successful career development, employment and self-employment workshops (over 100,000 workshop seats) through all our employment programs across BC and Alberta. Program development and self-employment are specialties and areas of passion for our Team.

We are a well-known and respected service provider in the area of new business/entrepreneurial incubation programs, having assisted more than 500 successful start-ups on Vancouver Island through the well-known Business Works, Business Works for Youth, Youth Mean Business and Experience Works Entrepreneurs Programs.

Research + HR Training

ETHOS coordinates a variety of workforce-related research such as labour market skill shortages and partners in workforce development models.

Promoting Best HR Practices

ETHOS provides information to employers on HR issues such as recruitment, retention, training and legal issues through the ETHOS portal website, e-newsletter, articles in trade publications, and speaking regularly at industry events and conferences.

Industry Training

ETHOS helps businesses gain access to relevant front-line, team leadership, and management skills training for their employees.

Vocational Rehabilitation

No matter what barriers to employment one might be facing, ETHOS believe everyone is capable of pursuing their dreams.


ETHOS assists job seekers from diverse backgrounds, who are facing barriers to employment, to integrate into the Canadian job market. We achieve this by providing employment services, linking employers to skilled people and building strong networks in collaboration with community partners.

Entrepreneurial Awareness + Training

ETHOS has developed a regional framework for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to guide our efforts to help people become entrepreneurs or self-employed and use their business skills for their personal self – sufficiency as well as generate employment for others. First, the regional framework helps establish a seamless network of active, committed, collaborative partners to serve diverse entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals in various stages of business development.

ETHOS, with the support of partner organizations, has launched a multi-channel entrepreneurial/self-employment awareness campaign which is designed to attract people and help small business launch. The campaign targets multiple demographic groups and its tactics include career fairs, public relations activities, school and career centre presentations, e-newsletter, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Addressing Labour Shortages

There is no “silver bullet” to address labour and skills shortages. ETHOS identifies, anticipates and responds to current and emerging labour and skills shortages in industry sectors within Vancouver Island, the Greater Vancouver area, Fraser Valley and the Okanagan. Orchestrating the continuing economic development of ETHOS service areas and ensuring that individuals are properly prepared to be self – sufficient is the key work of ETHOS members. If asset mapping of our regions shows — as it does in most communities — that entrepreneurs are key to the continuing economic development of the region, then policies and training that focus on self – employment are enacted.

Our Values

We value and respect the uniqueness of each individual, including our clients, our employers, our community partners and ourselves.

Inclusive: We are committed to respecting individual differences and being accessible to all those we serve. ETHOS Employment Program staff reflects the diversity of our community.

Accountable: We provide transparent, high-quality services and achieve results that are measurable and fiscally responsible.

Client-Focused: Our services are customized to meet the needs of our clients, communities and employers.

Collaborative: We work together to achieve our goals and respect the contributions of others, both within ETHOS and with our stakeholders.

Learning: We listen and stay connected to our communities, clients, employers and other partners to continuously improve.

Entrepreneurial: We seek new, innovative and creative opportunities to be a leading-edge organization.

Responsive: We are flexible and embrace change, continuously adapting to emerging needs and opportunities within a dynamic environment.

Results-Oriented: We focus on action, outcomes and setting new standards of excellence.

The team at ETHOS Career Management Group are very excited to be able to offer our clients leading-edge, high quality services. From our traditional on-site resume and interview workshops to our more high-tech digital workshops and modules, much preparation and thought has gone into each and every one of our services with the intent of giving our clients every possible advantage. We believe complacency leads to atrophy and we strive to always to develop the best products and services available.

You may have heard the latest buzzword in our industry – entrepreneurship. We aim to foster a proactive approach to entrepreneurship for our clients in the hopes that next time they visit us it is for assistance in starting their own journey rather than assistance to get back into the labour force.

At ETHOS we talk the talk and walk the walk. Our staff takes care of their own entrepreneurship by developing their own Learning Plans, attending conferences and meetings and generally ensuring that they are challenged and happy in their workplace. Our staff is a diverse and dynamic group of highly qualified professionals who truly care about the team and the individuals they see on a daily basis. Our company values and ethics lead us to promote from within and offer developmental opportunities whenever we can.

We at  ETHOS believe there is potential in everyone and the world is truly our oyster. To quote a good friend and creative genius, Marcel Lecker, I believe it’s like on the old maps. In uncharted regions they’d paint in all kinds of monsters say “there be monsters”. Most people would define their world by what lay inside those safe boundaries. Others, like the intrepid explorers recognized the possibilities and opportunities that lay in that unknown.”

Finally, during the course of our lives we run into those people who believe in us, support us and often act as mentors. I believe for career management to work we must be resourceful and rely on our network. My thanks to Greg S, Peter G, Sheila M, and of course Arthur, Liane M, and Layne for being my past and present inspiration and support.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to share your experiences with ETHOS please contact us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Deborah Bromley

President + CEO, ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd.

You’ve got the skills, but the job offers just aren’t coming, or your business is just not going in the right direction. You’re not even sure that you love what you’re doing, but you don’t know where to look, or who to turn to.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re a small business interested in selling your expertise online or a business owner looking for workshops, ETHOS can help. We blend the latest technology, business intelligence and instructional design to always deliver the right learning solution.

We help people in need change their lives and find the inspiration to grow their careers and businesses.

Our passion is helping people to build a lifestyle and career full of passion, personal freedom and happiness.

At the heart of ETHOS Career Management Group is a team of experts, passionate about creating rich learning experiences for our clients. We are dedicated to your success.

We’re passionate about one thing: Inspiring you.

ETHOS Career Management Group is in its 17th year of delivering quality employment and self-employment related programs, products and services to individuals, businesses, organizations and the unemployed.

Competition has never been more fierce – for businesses or for individuals looking to thrive in tomorrow’s job market. Outperforming is the name of the game and no one inspires and helps propel Canadians to new heights in professional development more successfully than ETHOS Career Management Group.

There have never been more opportunities and choices available to use to learn, collaborate, share, and build knowledge. Technology has broken down the geographic barriers to connecting with subject matter expertise, wherever it resides. The range of services offered by ETHOS helps provide the appropriate technology, content, and tools to support the ambitions of Learning + Development.

Deborah Bromley

President + CEO, ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd.

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