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Small businesses are the foundation of BC’s economy, developing new industries, new technologies, and new solutions for local and global problems.

Small businesses are the leading creator of new jobs in BC.

Problem Solvers

Small businesses are the foundation of BC’s economy and are key in developing new industries, technologies, and solutions for local and global problems.


Small businesses thrive when people are empowered to use their skills and to create products or services that customers want and need. Without the basic business skills needed to create a sustainable model even with the world’s best business idea can fail.


Small businesses create new opportunities for our youth, unique neighborhoods in our cities, and for vibrant rural communities.

Assessment, Training, and Business Coaching

People don‘t become successful entrepreneurs without training, planning, support, and a measure of good luck. Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is essential to our future success, and teaching entrepreneurial skills to all learners (whether or not they eventually start businesses) is a no lose proposition

Whether a person establishes a business to produce products or services, or works as a contractor doing essential work for other organizations, s/he must know how to operate independently. Contractors must engage in marketing their products and services, pricing them appropriately to cover operational costs and make a profit, delivering them as the customer desires, billing appropriately, paying taxes and meeting other governmental regulations. The entrepreneurial skill set allows individuals to succeed as entrepreneurs even when traditional workplaces are not hiring. When the traditional career ladder of business and industry is no longer available, managing one‘s personal career requires one to be entrepreneurial.

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